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Nutra Botanics Carb Block | 90 Capsules

  • Nutra Botanics®
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 Block Carb

 Burn Fats

 Suppress Appetite

 Block Up to 300 Calories Per Meal

 Effortless Weight Loss

 All Natural Ingredients. No Side Effect. 

 Made In USA 

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Healthy Weight Loss With Nutra Botanics Carb Block 

Nutra Botanics Carb Block is a clinically formulated weight loss supplement which help you achieve faster weight loss by blocking calories intake from carbohydrate and sugar - up to 300 calories per meal, appetite control, curb sugar and carb craving and increase fat burning.

How does Nutra Botanics Carb Block Work? 

You know how we like eating pasta, pizza, fries, burgers, and pretty much anything that tastes good (and sinful)? These are loaded with complex carbohydrates that spike your insulin and result in weight gain. 

Carb Block contains a blend of high quality natural herbs, which act to

1. Curb Sugar and Starchy Carbohydrate Craving 

2. Decreases Hunger 
With natural appetite suppressant properties, Nutra Botanics Carb Block helps you feel less hungry to prevent excessive eating, supporting healthy weight loss 

3. Increase Fat Burning 

4. Block Carb - Up to 300 calories per meal 
Carb Block helps to inhibit the amylase enzyme in your stomach which help soften the blood sugar spike. Amylase is responsible for processing starchy carbohydrate into sugar, so by reducing the effectiveness of this enzyme temporarily before a meal the sugar will be passed through your body naturally to reduce the calorific impact.
Carb Block is designed for people to still be able to enjoy their meals without the carb-consequences, and is also helpful for diabetics looking for a natural way to improve their condition with a natural supplement.

    - Diabetic friendly

    - Helps neutralize the dietary effects of carbohydrate and sugar

    - Manages your efforts to cut back on sweets

    - Assists you in meeting your weight loss challenges


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