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Nutra Botanics Maca Supplement - Available Now in Singapore!

Now considered a “superfood”, maca root has long been renowned for medicinal qualities. You can enjoy the numerous benefits brought by maca root available in a convenient supplement form through our Singapore online store. As a supplement, Maca can be taken by both men and women. 

With potent antioxidant qualities, maca supplements enhance sexual health, balance hormone levels and provide an overall boost of energy to all who use them in Singapore and beyond. Get the best maca supplement today!

Stimulates Sexual Energy & Stamina 

Increases Libido & Sex Drive 

Support Sexual Health 

Promotes Testosterone Production

All Natural Virility Herb 

Made in the USA

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For thousands of years, the maca root which has a similar appearance as turnip and native to the Andes mountain of Peru has long been revered for its medicinal properties which include its potent aphrodisiac effect on men. Maca is packed with a lot of botanical nutrients and antioxidants, and many research have shown the maca supplement can help improve sexual health for men, boost energy, enhances endurance and even improve memory. 

Maca supplement for energy

Men who regularly take a maca supplement typically report that it makes them more energized with most people feeling the effect within hours after consuming a maca supplement. The effect of maca on energy and stamina is clinically proven. In Peru, legend tells of Andes warriors eating maca before going for a battle. So if you need to keep your energy up throughout the day, taking a maca supplement is a good way compared to drinking that caffeine loaded cup of coffee.  

Maca boosts men libido and fertility

Researchers in Peru conducted a 8 weeks clinical trials on men who took maca supplement and found that in men who have low sex drive, taking maca supplement increases their sexual desires back up to a normal healthy level, and they want to have more sex. In another clinical trial, taking a maca supplement improve sperm quality and motility in men. One possible explanation for this effect of maca in men is that maca is rich in antioxidant. So to boost sex drive, try maca - the sexual power herb of the Andes. 

Buying the best maca supplement for men

Because of its growing popularity, there are many type of maca supplement being sold in Singapore which come in various dosage form from powder to capsule to liquid. For the best result, always buy a maca supplement which contains maca harvested from the Andes mountain in Peru. This is because most clinical research done on maca were carried out on maca supplement which use peruvian maca cultivated high up in the Andes mountain. Nutra Botanics Maca 1000mg uses 100% pure premium peruvian maca and come in vegetarian capsule which make it convenient for you to carry around and consume. Enjoy increased energy, better mental clarity and enhanced libido with Nutra Botanics Maca 1000mg - the best maca supplement for men.  

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