Royal Jelly

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Royal jelly has been a famed natural superfood because of its role with the queen bee. It is the sole food source for the Queen Bee and royal jelly enables the queen bee to outlive worker bees thirty-fold. Royal Jelly is a natural source of many nutrients including a complex mix of protein, amino acids, vitamins and trace minerals. Research has shown that royal jelly can increases vitality, improves digestion, maintain healthy hair, skin and nail and even relieves stress. Royal Jelly most potent and active constituent is 10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid 10-HDA and any good quality royal jelly supplement should contains at least 6% 10-HDA. 

VitaminMall offers a range of premium quality royal jelly supplements including New Zealand Wyse Royal Jelly 1000mg which is manufactured in New Zealand and is guaranteed for its purity and potency. Naturally rich in 10-HDA and standardized to contain 6% 10-HDA per softgel, Wyse Royal Jelly 1000mg come in easy to swallow liquid-filled softgel which are also halal-certified.