NZ Wyse Halal Royal Jelly 1000mg, 60 Softgels, 100% Pure Royal Jelly Supplement, Immune System Booster & Supports Skin Health & Vitality

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Nutrient Rich Superfood 

Boost Energy and Immunity

 6% 10-HDA

Made in New Zealand 

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NZ Wyse Royal Jelly 1000mg is a premium royal jelly supplement from New Zealand with a potency of 6% 10-HDA expected of any premium brand royal jelly. Revered as the fountain of youth, Royal Jelly is a superfood rich in Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and enzyme to help maintain overall health, strength and vitality. The queen bee feed entirely on royal jelly and can live up to 40 times longer than the worker bee who does not get to feed on royal jelly. Studies have also shown that royal jelly has anti-aging, energizing and immune boosting health benefits.

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Product Description

Do you feel tired on long working days? Do you catch a cold or flu frequently? Or do you wish to feel and look younger?  Worry not, as we have got the perfect formula for you.

Royal Jelly supplement from Nutra Botanics is the best supplement when it comes to boosting immunity energy and stamina. Royal Jelly is well known for supporting vitality and has    anti-aging properties.

Why Royal Jelly works
Royal Jelly is a milky secretion that is produced by the worker bees. Royal Jelly is consumed only by the queen bee and thanks to this magical royal jelly, the queen bee produces 2,000 eggs per day and can live up to 5 years. In comparison, the worker bees who does not feed on royal jelly only live up to a few weeks. Because the queen bee has a life span which is almost 40 times longer than worker bee, scientists believe that royal jelly has anti-aging properties. Nutra Botanics Royal Jelly 1000mg is formulated with premium grade royal jelly harvested from bee hives in Australia and encapsulated in softgel for easy ingestion making it one of the best royal jelly supplement which you can find in the market.  

Ingredients of royal jelly
Royal Jelly contains important nutrients like amino acids, proteins, vitamins, minerals and flower nectar. These make royal jelly one of nature’s best superfood.  

Other uses of Royal Jelly Supplement
Besides providing anti-aging, immunity boosting and energy enhancing health benefits, Royal Jelly is used for various other health benefits like:
- Promotes Youthful Skin
- Combat greying hair
- Improves Digestive Function
- Helps regulate blood sugar
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