Kids Gummies

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The Ideal Health Supplements for Kids Health

Nutri Botanics Kids Multivitamin is a 100% natural vegetarian and halal health supplement clinically formulated for growing toddlers and children with essential nutrients required on the daily. It contains ingredients such as Vitamins A, C, D, E, B6, B12, Zinc, Cholin and Inositol for brain, eye, bone, immune, mood health support and offers an overall healthy physical growth and development as well as providing energy boost for the everyday activities. The gummies also consist of antioxidant properties to protect one against free radicals and Vitamin C helps to repair damaged cells while aiding the cell growth process.

Nutri Botanics Omega with DHA Kids Gummies is an all-natural vegetarian and halal children health supplement clinically formulated with essential ingredients such as Omega 3-6-9, DHA and Vitamin C for brain boosting properties, brain cells development as well as providing heart health and vision support while acting as an energy booster. It offers mental clarity, recall, memory and focus support while improving concentration and cognitive function. Additionally, Vitamin C is also included for the extra immune system boost.

Nutri Botanics Kids Vitamin C Gummies is a 100% pure vegetarian and halal kids supplement to support the everyday activities with the daily required Vitamin C intake for an optimum immune health. The clinically formulated Vitamin C gummies contains antioxidant properties to fight against free radicals for an optimal immune system and overall physical health.


How Does Kids Health Supplements Work?

  • Enhances Brain Development
  • Improves Memory, Focus & Overall Cognitive Function
  • Promotes Eye & Vision Health
  • Strengthens Bone & Joint Health
  • Daily Immune Health Support

The Safe Use of Kids Health Supplements

At VitaminMall, we truly care about our customers’ health from the bottom of our hearts thus, striving to offer only 100% natural and clinically formulated/proven health supplements. The wide range of branded supplements are curated by our in-house pharmacist hence, you can be rest assured with your purchases on our online store.

Though there is an incredibly high count of competitors out on the market with numerous types of kids’ health supplements, VitaminMall serves to stand firm by providing value for our customers with affordably priced products without compromising on the quality of our supplements.

Run by pharmacist, VitaminMall is the leading and trustable online health supplement store in Singapore catering various affordable health supplements and vitamins for all’s daily needs.

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