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Singapore’s Preferred Sex Enhancement Pills

A better choice for you and your partner. Whether you’re worried about your performance in bed or you’re just looking for an unforgettable night of passion, VitaminMall has the right supplements for men for you. Our range of sex enhancement pills and supplements for men are formulated to help you feel more and go harder for longer, extending your pleasure and enhancing hers.

Vitamin Mall wants every man to be able to experience maximum enjoyment when getting intimate with their partner. That’s why we offer our pills and men supplements at some of the best prices in Singapore, making it easy for everyone on every budget to access the products they need to make their time with their loved ones truly special. With male enhancement supplements for sale at up to 70 percent discount off the recommended retail price you’d find them at elsewhere, we’re the affordable choice for men who want nothing but quality. Take a look at our range of male sexual enhancement supplements today and discover for yourself.

Powered by ancient and modern pharmacy

Our virility pills draw on various natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals to enhance your performance and pleasure in bed. From saw palmetto for increased semen volume to tribulus for libido and maca for increased energy and stamina, our range of supplements for men pulls together a well-balanced cocktail of natural herbs, vitamins and minerals to provide a comprehensive solution for your virility needs and sexual health. 

Made in the United States by GMP certified manufacturers with a firm commitment to quality, purity and potency, you can always buy in confidence when you buy from the VitaminMall range of maca, tribulus and saw palmetto male sex enhancement pills. Treat yourself and your partner to an unforgettable night.

Nitric Oxide - The Nobel Prize Discovery That Created Viagra

In 1998, three American scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize for their discovery of how the natural production of a gas, nitric oxide, can control a wide variety of action within our body. These include helping to regulate blood pressure, initiating male penis erection and dilating blood vessels. Their discovery also lead to the development of the famous male anti-impotency drug - Viagra - base on the principal that nitric oxide starts the process by which blood vessels in the male penis dilates to produce an erection. Nitric oxide also relax the muscles in the male penis and this allow the penis to be filled with blood, hence the resulting erection. Subsequent research over the last decade also show that nitric oxide can enhance exercise performance and boost lean muscle mass. As a result, nitric oxide booster are also popular as a sport nutrition supplement.     

Scientists have since studied many other natural ingredients which can boost nitric oxide in our body. Two such well known nitric oxide boosting ingredients are L-Citrulline and L-Arginine. In one study, L-citrulline was found to improve erection hardness in men with mild erectile dysfunction. VitaminMall offers male enhancement supplement such as Nutra Botanics REALMAN which contains these 2 key nitric oxide boosting nutrients and also nitric oxide booster supplement like OptiNOS.        

Maca - The Peruvian Ginseng

Native to the high Andes Mountain of Peru, Maca has been an important traditional food and medicinal plant for over 2,000 years. Although Maca is unrelated to the ginseng family, it has been dubbed "Peruvian ginseng" because it is often used as a folk remedy to enhance stamina, energy and sexual function. Maca is naturally rich in polysaccharides, essential minerals - especially calcium, potassium and iron, Omega fatty acids including linolenic acid, palmitic acid and oleic acid, and 19 amino acids. 

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