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Stress, insufficient nutrients from an imbalance diet and hormonal imbalance are all potential causes of poor hair quality and hair loss. While hair loss shampoo and hair growth tonic may help to reduce hair loss and support hair growth, a good hair supplement containing key vitamins, minerals and nutrients can help nourish your hair from the inside out to support healthy hair growth. At VitaminMall, you can buy the best hair growth supplement to nourish your thinning hair and supports existing hair growth. Our pharmacist curated only the best of the best hair growth supplements with clinically researched formula to stop hair loss and help grow stronger, longer hair. One such hair supplement is Nutri Botanics Hair Plus which is suitable for both men and women. For that thicker, fuller and healthier hair, shop online for your hair growth supplement on VitaminMall today!

Nutri Botanics Hair Plus Supplement

Best for: hair growth, reducing hair loss

Known for being one of the best hair growth supplement in Singapore to take, Nutri Botanics Hair Plus is formulated with more than 25 nutrients including Biotin, Keratin, Collagen, Zinc and Vitamin C & E to strengthen your hair. What set this hair supplement different from the rest is the clinical strength Biotin – 5000mcg – which is clinically proven to reduce hair loss and can promote hair growth. Vitamin E help protect the hair follicles from daily damage ensuring the delivery of nutrients to the scalp while vitamin C boost collagen production, helping to keep the hair strong and supple. 

This hair growth supplement has produced fantastic results for many users who reported substantial reduction in hair loss within 2 to 4 weeks. Users also reported that their hair appears thicker, healthier and faster growing. For the best effect, pop two tablets of this hair growth supplement once a day and take it for a optimum period of 6 months.  

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