OptiNOs Pre Workout Nitric Oxide Supplement with L Arginine & L Citrulline - 90 Capsules - Patented, Clinically Proven to Boost Muscle Growth, Muscle Pumps, Energy & Vascularity - Powerful Pre workout Nitric Oxide Booster & Muscle Builder

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All Natural Nitric Oxide Booster

3X MORE Lean Muscle Mass

6X MORE Endurance 

12X Average Arm Size Increase

 Enhances reps, muscle pumps, muscle strength & fatigue resistance

 Clinically Tested, Patented Formula

Made in USA

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OptiNOs® is the most powerful nitric oxide booster supplement on the market today for athletes looking for the most advanced cutting-edge performance enhancement and lean muscle gain.  OptiNOs® will give you the most extreme muscle building pump you’ve ever experienced along with lean muscle gain and reduce muscle fatigue. The patented, powerful combination of nitric oxide boosting ingredients in OptiNOs® has been clinically shown to significantly improve muscle strength, endurance and muscle building.

EC Sports Optinos is a patented and clinically tested nitric oxide booster which help increases lean body mass and improves muscle energy since nitric oxide helps with the relaxation of blood vessels, which in turn, increase blood flow. EC Sports Optinos also aids in muscle recovery by increasing the enzymatic activity to breakdown and flushing lactic acid out of your muscle tissues quickly.

Studies have shown that taking EC Sports OPTINOS sports supplement can lead to the achievement of 3 times more lean body mass, 12 times average arm size increases and 6x more endurance. Experience an explosive workout at the gym with OPTINOS. 

Each serving of 3 capsules contains a 750mg proprietary blend of Turmeric Curcumin, Veldt Grape Extract, Bishop’s Weed Extract and a 1200mg proprietary Nitric Oxide Complex of L-Citruline & L-Arginine.

Made in USA, each and every batch of EC Sports Optinos is proudly manufactured in a GMP-certified, FDA-registered manufacturing facility in the United States.

Why choose EC Sports Optinos?
- Boost nitric oxide levels
- Support muscle growth and recovery
- Increase muscle endurance
- Increase ATP production
- Directs 4 times more protein for muscle building
- Manufactured in USA at a US FDA GMP certified State-of-the-Art facility

EC Sports Optinos is a pre workout supplement suitable for athletes and bodybuilders who often workout, exercise and/or visit the gym. It is an effective sports supplement that has multiple benefits such as aiding muscle building, fast muscle recovery and improving muscle endurance through boosting nitric oxide levels in the body.

EC Sports Optinos is a clinically tested muscle strength and endurance enhancer that can help increase your strength and stamina to promote the growth of lean muscle mass. It also helps to increase ATP production to helps increases glucose level and provide you with greater energy, thus, improving your exercise performance.

Additionally, EC Sports Optinos can help boost nitric oxide levels to increase blood flow and circulation in your body through the relaxation of blood vessels. This can help boost your strength and endurance during your workout / exercise, enabling you to obtain lean muscle mass and greater exercise performance.




OptiNOs has been clinically proven to increase the production of nitric oxide by activating nitric oxide synthesis, which is responsible for the formation of nitric oxide in the body. This increase of nitric oxide in the blood helps with vasodilation in the body and, most importantly, in the muscle tissues; which in turn allows for better blood flow throughout the muscles. Participants experienced massive pumps, more reps, and greater endurance throughout their workouts! Their bodies’ simultaneously increased proteins and other molecules dramatically, which are transferred more efficiently to starving muscle tissues. This process results in the body’s ability to rapidly flush lactic acid while building and repairing muscles more effectively for faster recovery and greater gains.


OptiNOs is scientifically formulated to naturally increase muscle building, endurance, and energy! Our MTOR signaling technology increases the body’s adaptive response and enable higher protein synthesis.


OptiNOs® is clinically proven to increase lean muscle mass through 3 processes: 1. Boosting protein synthesis which increases the body’s readily available protein. 2. Allowing faster skeletal muscle development and repair, enabling muscle building and recovery quickly after a workout. 3. Tripling lean muscle mass development naturally via MTOR pathway signaling technology.


During clinical testing, subjects taking OptiNOs increased their repetitions 6 times more than that of the placebo group. More so, OptiNOs proved to decrease the concentration of lactate buildup in muscle tissues, enabling faster recovery time. OptiNOs increases the amount of free energy in muscle tissues, allowing for longer and more successful workouts. Additionally, this powerful formula stabilizes the mitochondrial membrane when under oxidative stress, producing a higher amount of ATP per mitochondria.


Beyond 45 to 50 years of age, many of us begin to lose muscle mass with a corresponding loss in muscle strength. This decline in muscle mass and strength can bring with it weakness, reduced mobility, loss of balance and eventually result in frailty in our older years. Besides increasing our protein intake and doing resistance exercise, research has shown that supplementing our diet with specific supplement like nutric oxide booster can prevent this loss of muscle and even reverses age related muscle loss. Nitric oxide is produced naturally in our body and is essential for efficient functioning of skeletal muscle. It increases skeletal muscle blood flow thereby improving the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. Nitric oxide also initiate protein synthesis via the mTOR signaling pathway. Because the body production of nitric oxide decreases when one reach middle age, research has shown strong association between this reduced production of nitric oxide with the aging decline in muscle mass, strength and endurance. Taking a nitric oxide supplement in particularly a clinically tested one like OptiNOS not only boost nitric oxide production but can also combat the loss of muscle mass and strength with aging.


Nutra Botanics Liquid L-Carnitine 5000mg 473ml, Orange Flavored

Shelf Life Assurance: Minimum 24 months upon receipt



Nutra Botanics Liquid L-Carnitine 5000mg provides all of the fat burning benefits of L-Carnitine in a delicious orange-flavored absorbable liquid form.
L- Carnitine is a amino acid that play a crucial role in fat metabolism and energy production. It helps our body to burn off fat by facilitating the transfer of fat into the muscle tissues to be used for cellular energy production and boosting stamina and endurance. This formula is further enhanced with a high potency dosage of Vitamin B5 which work synergistically with L-Carnitine to convert fat to energy. Nutra Botanics Liquid L-Carnitine 5000mg is the perfect supplement for sport enthusiasts, bodybuilders, athletics, weightlifters and anyone seeking to improve their fitness and achieving a toned body with lean muscles. Taking L-Carnitine liquid before a workout results in maximum fat burning and a higher metabolic rate, as well as increased energy. Supplementing with Nutra Botanics Liquid L-Carnitine 5000mg will help you get the most out of your workout, providing you with energy and helping burn fat for fuel. 

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