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The Ideal Superfood for the Overall Physical Health

Nutri Botanics Greens & Reds Superfood is an organic superfood powder that is clinically formulated with 42 fruits, vegetables and super greens with 6 specially formulated blends such as green balance, red antioxidant, adaptogen, focus and memory, digestive reset and probiotic blends. Some of the superior ingredients include kale, acai berry, beet root, cranberry, goji fruit, milk thistle, lion’s mane and 1 billion CFU probiotic blend with 10 types of Lactobacilli and Bifidobacterium to meet the daily required intake of nutrients.

The superfood supplement is packed with various health benefits such as providing gut and digestive support, eliminating toxins through the process of detoxification, improving cognitive function, as well as enhancing energy and immunity levels. It also offers essential nutritional value such as antioxidant properties to prevent inflammation and free radical damage, anti-aging properties that help to strengthen skin, hair and nail health. One of the blends – adaptogen, caters support to fight fatigue and stress levels, providing optimal support for daily activities.

Nutri Botanics Greens & Reds Superfood comes in a powder form which one can mix in beverages of choice, ideally water, juices or milk. It is also naturally peach berry flavoured, making it easy to consume as a form of juice or smoothie with water or milk added.


How Does Superfood Supplements Work?

  • Improves Memory, Focus & Cognitive Function
  • Enhances Mental Clarity & Concentration
  • Maintains Healthy Gut & Digestive Health
  • Promotes Energy Levels
  • Immune System Support
  • Aids Detoxification Processes
  • Contains Antioxidants to Protect Cells from Free Radicals


The Safe Use of Superfood Supplements

At VitaminMall, we truly care about our customers’ health from the bottom of our hearts thus, striving to offer only 100% natural and clinically formulated/proven health supplements. The wide range of branded supplements are curated by our in-house pharmacist hence, you can be rest assured with your purchases on our online store.

Even though there are many competitors out on the market with various types of superfoods supplements, VitaminMall serves to stand firm by providing value for our customers with affordably priced products without compromising on the quality of our supplements.

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