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Run by pharmacists, Vitamin Mall offers a range of dietary and health supplements to protect, enhance and prolong wellness at every level in Singapore. Whether you’re looking to shop online for a quality Omega-3 Fish Oil or seeking effective pain relief for that aching knee joint or want to support the health of everything from your heart to liver, we have something for you.

With branded vitamins and supplements from Australia to USA, Vitamin Mall aims to offer online consumers across Singapore an easy way to shop online for vitamins and supplements. Our products come at a super discount from retail price, enabling you to enjoy a healthier quality of life for less. With fast, free QExpress delivery on all orders above $70 and a 24/7 Pharmacist helpdesk, we’re certain you’ll enjoy shopping for your vitamins and supplements online with Vitamin Mall, Singapore.

Dedication to Quality and Our Customers

Our range of branded high quality vitamins and supplements are sourced from reputable manufacturers. We exclusively use GMP certified manufacturers known for their promise of quality, purity and potency. Our pharmacist check, double check and triple check that only the safest and most effective health products are made available on Vitamin Mall. This is done so that every purchase from our range can be made with confidence. Whether you’re looking for fish oil for brain and heart health or royal jelly for beauty, we can provide you with a superior supplement at huge discounts to help you live the life you desire.

Vitamin Mall makes health accessible. Our range of vitamins and supplements are being offered online at some of the most affordable prices in Singapore, ensuring that everyone can access the best supplements on the market. With many products priced at a discount of 70% off retail price, we’re certain that everyone can buy a supplement online that suits their needs and fits their budget. If you’re looking to take care of your health, do it the right way and shop online at Singapore’s own Vitamin Mall.

Providing the best at a price everyone can afford

Do the right thing for your health and wallet by ordering supplements from the Vitamin Mall Singapore catalogue today. Any questions? Our pharmacist is here to help. Send us your enquiry via email at or through our contact page, or call us directly on +6567423116 and start a conversation today.